Hi to everyone and thanks for visiting GoBickers.com by Dennis Bickers.  I lived and retired in California where there has been great picture opertunities. Moved to the foothills of Scottsdale Arizona in 2014. There has been a tremendous nature presents, opening the door to bigger things.


Photography is Art - Hang it



Desert Monsoon Alma School Pan
Cactus 1 Front Yard
  Mission Inn Rotunda

Have you ever taken a picture of a place that was so spictacular and when you look at your pictures, they're not quite as nice as you remember? Todays digital cameras are great! The focal ratio or F-stop of a camera is a cobination of shutter speed and light that is allowed through the lense. Very simular to the human eye. A digital camera can see 3 to 5 F-stops of color while the human eye can see 11 F-stops of color. What if you could take what you see - home with you? There is still a wider range of colors and detail that can be seen through the eyes of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograghy.

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