Hi to everyone and thanks for visiting GoBickers.com by Dennis Bickers. Please visit often because things will be added as production increases. I live in Canyon Lake California and is a great place to take pictures. Canyon Lake residence can benifit by having great photos and art work from their community. Keep in mind, if you see a picute that you like but prefer it in a different style such as more natural or more artsy, let me know and make it to order.


When you decorate a room - Your photos and art work is a huge focal point. What is it that you like about your wall hangingsl? Original art or photos, colors or maybe the location that might add to the decore. This all helps to set the mood. Here you can choose to have a very realistic photo or we'll recreate it into a textured piece of art.

Kentucky Home US Surf - Jr. Women

Canyon Lake 2

US Surf - Jr. Men
Scottsdale Desert US Surf - Men
Mix It Up 1 US Surf - Longboard
Hand Combat Canyon Lake Cars
After the Rain Canyon Set 1, 2013
Sunrise Mt.Rubidoux Temecula Balloon
Birds and Board



Have you ever taken a picture of a place that was so spictacular and when you look at your pictures, they're not quite as nice as you remember? Todays digital cameras are great! The focal ratio or F-stop of a camera is a cobination of shutter speed and light that is allowed through the lense. Very simular to the human eye. A digital camera can see 3 to 5 F-stops of color while the human eye can see 11 F-stops of color. What if you could take what you see - home with you? There is still a wider range of colors and detail that can be seen through the eyes of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograghy.

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